Amuse is a 2015 drama musical movie, written and directed by Riley Mason. It narrates the story of Fred Jones.


  1. "The Circle of Life" by Kadam Witchcraft
  2. "Thriller" by Boner Kill
  3. "Hakuna Matata" by Salem Freud, Fred Jones, and Belle DuBois
  4. "The Teacher's Argument" by Boner Kill and Snake
  5. "The Nicest Kids in Town" by Fred Jones and Belle DuBois
  6. "Once Upon a Dream" by Boner Kill and Belle DuBois
  7. "Letters" by Salem Freud and Fred Jones
  8. "It Must Be Believed to Be Seen" by Boner Kill
  9. "Hotel California" by Belle DuBois
  10. "She's Leaving Home" by Fred Jones
  11. "Killer Queen"/"Queen of the Night" by Rhaina
  12. "I Know Things Now" by Belle DuBois
  13. "I Want to Break Free" by Fred Jones
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